Breakfast mush

My facebook friend Susan knows from good food. Like, she really knows from good food. But she also gets that sometimes food is not about how it looks. Like this post bike ride breakfast mush I’ll let her describe:

Bad food that tastes so good. Because. Sustenance. Terrible plating makes it taste even better. Scrambled Farm eggs (cooked slowly following the French method), crappy supermarket chorizo, and hash brown cooked rendered chorizo fat.

What makes this a standout dish is the technique — scrambling the eggs gently, only to throttle them with a meaty, fatty, goopy topping. Also, that it looks terrible, but probably tastes amazing.

A lot of the people I ask to contribute hesitate. “But it was really good,” they say, “even if it looked ugly!” That’s the point. Food gone wrong is often very, very right.


My facebook friend Karen sent me this photo, which I immediately found glorious. There is something so wrong-right about the precise arrangement of sausages and meatballs on the plate, perfect in their shiny blandness. Then I googled Accord Powder and found out it’s a blend of sodium tripolyphosphate and potassium polyphosphate.

Mmmm. Nothing like homemade.

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