You know food when it’s right.

It’s organic. Its grains are whole, unrefined. It’s local. It’s sourced from somebody really nice.

You know what it looks like too. Right Food likes to hang out on blocks of polished olive wood or slate serving tablets, ideally in natural light. Right Food likes to be photographed, from every possible angle, and doesn’t at all mind that it’s getting cold.

When food goes really right, it can’t even be touched by human hands. It has to be lovingly composed with tweezers on an oddly-shaped plate in microscopic quantities.

We love Right Food. It’s good for us, and it makes us feel good, in more ways than one. We’ll happily take the time and spend the money. Right Food is the girlfriend you take to meet your parents.

But it’s not everything.

Given enough cooking shows and meals in restaurants and perfectly-posed blog photos, people start to think food has to be perfect all the time. That it always has to be right. Some become scared to cook, because they’re worried they’ll fail. Others start to think that only their version of good food is worth eating. And that people who don’t eat it exclusively are worth less as people.

That’s not really how food should be.

Food just plain goes wrong a lot of the time. And that’s okay. When it comes to food, we get a lot of chances to do things over. And sometimes, food goes so wrong, it becomes truly wonderful. You might not introduce it to mom, but you have a great time with it.

Food Gone Wrong is the space to laugh at (and maybe also secretly celebrate):

  • Home cooking gone wrong.
  • Fusion food gone wrong.
  • Fast food gone wrong.
  • Snack food gone wrong.
  • Fancy food gone wrong.
  • Frozen food gone wrong.
  • Street food gone wrong.
  • Individual eating habits gone wrong.
  • Cultural ways of eating gone wrong.
  • Nature gone wrong.
  • Food snobs gone wrong.

Send me your pictures. Send me your stories. Let’s get it wrong.

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