Mess of liver and onions

And…. right on schedule, I screw up a piece of meat. In case you are not from Germany: this is not how you’re supposed to make liver and onions. You’re supposed to clean the liver carefully, maybe soak it in milk, dredge it lovingly through some flours. You fry the onions separately in butter, also with a bit of flour.

In my case, I thought of the liver in the fridge after roasting some cauliflower for my toddler to ignore. Meat goes bad so fast, so I thought, “I have to make this tonight!” I heated up a pan, threw the liver in there with some oil… and then looked at recipes.

I wound up eating the liver in little wraps of torn tortilla, with a garlic-tahini-yoghurt dressing, chutneys, and roasted cauliflower. Which is how I found out that Brinjal’s Aubergine Pickle goes great with liver. Also, that my tastes might be a little too flexible.


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