Chocolate doner kebab

Chocolate doner kebab

If you’ve been to Berlin, you know that doner kebab is all the rage. It’s a bunch of meat on a stick, rotating and gradually roasting. You get little pieces carved off and served to you in bread. It’s sort of the original Food Gone Wrong — the meat itself is often sketchy, but the result is delicious.

But behold the innovation of which the human spirit is capable. Reader @steverozy offers this pic of a chocolate-vanilla kebab in Prenzlauer Berg. The chocolate is shaved off and then served in a crepe. Kind of makes you proud to live in such times.

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  1. I could see doing this like tacos al pastor (pork) and a great mole oaxaqueño..

    “Al pastor is a dish developed in Central Mexico, likely as a result of the adoption of the Shawarma spit-grilled meat brought by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico.”


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