Leftover pasta surprise

Leftover pasta surprise

Does this pasta look okay to you?

It shouldn’t.

I came home, and didn’t have time to cook. So here’s what I threw together:

Lots of garlic and olive oil.

Half of a really old red pepper that was hanging out at the bottom of our fridge.

Leftover homemade kimchi. Half a jar.

Mushrooms, kind of dark and shrivelled from the fridge, washed with lots of water, which is not how you’re supposed to wash mushrooms.

A couple of spoonfuls of lutenica, an East European red pepper and carrot spread.

The rotini my son and husband didn’t use up.

The tomato sauce left over from their dinner. From their actual plates.

I may be sick tonight. But it was freakin’ delicious. And so wrong.

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