crazy cauliflower

Cauliflower Brains

My husband saw this and said: “It looks like the brains of some animal.”

The internet had said this would be good.

No really.

And the stuff I put on the cauliflower, it was genuinely tasty — a marinade of yoghurt and Indian spices and lime. I liked it so much I rolled some potato wedges in it too and put them in the oven. And that was not a bad idea.

But not only does this look a mess, it also makes no sense. The cauliflower is not really roasted. The marinade keeps it from roasting and getting all nutty and delicious. Instead, it’s… boiled. It’s boiled in the oven.

Roasted cauliflower is one of the best things on earth, I think. Boiled cauliflower is an abomination in the sight of the Lord.

Here is another shot of this pointless dish. I made curry out of it the next day, and that was good.

crazy roasted cauliflower

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