soup with taramasalata

Asian noodle soup with Greek fish roe salad mix-in

Ken Albala has been cooking up a storm over at Ken Albala’s Food Rant. Almost every day, I see a delicious new experimental noodle dish. Smoked noodles, pig blood noodles, cake noodles, you name it.

But innovation has its costs. Apparently one day, Ken thought it might be a good idea to take taramasalata, the Greek salad made of fish roe, breadcrumbs, lemon, and lots of oil, and pop it into a bowl of utterly homemade Asian noodle soup.

It wasn’t.

This is the spirit of Food Gone Wrong. You want to make omelette? Break a few eggs. And possibly put something disgusting in them just in case it turns out to be a revelation.

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  1. Back when I was doing archaeology in Texas in the 1970s, we were short of funds one Thursday night and were looking forward to getting our paychecks on Friday when we returned to Austin.

    We had a box of Uncle Ben’s rice, a very old small can of salmon, some oil, lots of garlic, an elderly serrano chile and all the nopalitos (young, tender cactus pads) we could slice up. Uncle Ben’s is bad news rice-wise..BTW.

    I stirfried the garlic and chile, added the nopalitos with some beer and let this simmer for a while and then added the salmon. The rice was cooked (and gummy) and it was a pretty miserable meal for the three of us. Nopalitos are somewhere between boiled okra and green beans, BTW.

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