Pumpkin Spiced Nog

Okay, this entry — submitted by the legitimately outraged Dianne – is so bad it’s almost good again. Eggnog is an eighteenth-century drink and seems to be descended from late medieval possets. And pumpkin spice is basically a medieval spice mixture, a culinary blast from the past as it were. In fact, possets were often spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon. Basically, in search of trendiness, the folks from the aptly-named “Old New England” recreated a medieval drink. This is food gone unwittingly right!


Le thé est une boisson sans gluten

I don’t know what I find worse about this tea package. Is it that they have to say that their Earl Grey has no gluten in it, because why in the world would Earl Grey have gluten in it? Or is it the fact that tea could actually have gluten in it, and so they should really be honest and say, “This tea is gluten free.”

Can we just make a law now that all food packaging has to include not only all ingredients, but also all substances not found in the food?

(Thanks to Rosa Noreen for the photo!)

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Coffee doesn’t go there

Sainsbury’s would like to sell more products. What’s a good way to sell more products, you ask? Do you create more, fantastic, delicious, craveable foods? Ah, you naive little one, no. Instead, you convince your customers that they should put instant coffee in their pasta.

Whoever came up with this needs to be slapped by an Italian grandma.

(Thank you, Emily, for the photo.)

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