Camel balls. Extra sour. Liquid filled.

Finally, a candy product that puts the fallacious camel-humps-are-filled-with-water myth to rest. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we know where the liquid is stored. And so do our children.


Thanks to Brian Niblo for the pic!


Fudge Metaphor

I started this blog to celebrate, in a lighthearted way, the disasters of everyday cooking and supermarket food. But sometimes a photo sums up the darker side of life. Like this gem from my friend Vanessa, who was trying to make fudge. It strikes me as a perfect summary, in culinary form, of the past few weeks. Because sometimes you think you’ll get smooth sweetness, but you wind up with grotty, crumbly failure.

Pumpkin Spice Oreo

It’s almost Hallowe’en, and I am out of words. What cannot be pumpkin spiced? What has not been pumpkin spiced? Next October, I predict, supermarkets will replace all the food with one big vat of orange fluid flavoured with pumpkin spice. Customers will come by, take jugs of the stuff home to eat, or simply stick their faces right in it. The truly devoted will jump into the vat and stay there, orange and fragrant till their last breaths.

(Thanks to Sonja for this!)


“American” food has hit Germany. Supermarkets now have bland, nearly-pureed salsa, cheese-flavoured tortilla chips, and if you’re very lucky, hard little marshmallows. But now the Germans have taken American-Mexicanish food to the next level. They’ve gone and put it in a Ritter Sport.

My friend Kathleen let me know about this, and the first chance I got I bought one and tried it. “Tastes like popcorn,” my husband said.

If they ever do a Ritter Sport with simit in it, I will be in heaven.

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