Pumpkin Italian

Ah yes. I remember this part of Dante’s Inferno. Not the third circle — gluttony — but the sixth, heresy. It’s a little known fact that Farinata degli Uberti was condemned to eternal, fiery punishment due to his perverse use of pumpkin flour. You’ve been warned.


Thanks to Elan, for documenting his purgatorial shopping trip.



My facebook friend Karen sent me this photo, which I immediately found glorious. There is something so wrong-right about the precise arrangement of sausages and meatballs on the plate, perfect in their shiny blandness. Then I googled Accord Powder and found out it’s a blend of sodium tripolyphosphate and potassium polyphosphate.

Mmmm. Nothing like homemade.

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Maple Bacon Frosting (with bacon bits)

Friends, it is almost Thanksgiving. A time for gratitude to the generous bounty that is America. A land of boundless inventiveness, where the human spirit leaps and soars, leaving behind the shackles of convention and what some might call “good taste.”

A land that gave us Maple Bacon frosting with bacon bits on top. Don’t believe me about the bacon bits?

bacon bits on maple bacon frosting

Oh ye of little faith.

And thank you, also, to Elan Justice Pavlinich for his fine work in the field.

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Guacamole in a squeeze bottle

My friend Wendy from The Upstart Kitchen spotted this stunning exotic apéritif in a Carrefour in Dijon. For those of you who don’t know what a Carrefour is, it’s a massive supermarket where you can go to convince yourself that the French are no better than anybody else. Though I’m sure when they squeeze months-old ready-made guac onto — what? pray tell, what would you squeeze it on? — they do it with much more panache than humble Americans.

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