E for Effort

My friend Rebecca is an energetic baker. She bakes a lot, and regularly posts photos of her scrumptious creations on Facebook. She also — and I have to love her for this — has a lot of baking disasters, and posts those too. This is one of her masterpieces, a testament to the fighting spirit of humankind. Even if your cake is melting, man, put some flowers on it. Put some flowers on it, and call it a day.

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Pied beauty

I hosted a belated Thanskgiving yesterday, my very first, and the first one in Germany. I had never made any of the basics before — cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, even gravy were all new to me. Some of the guests helped cook, and I allayed their worries by telling them that anything that didn’t turn out right could go on this blog.

They protested: but this dish wasn’t so bad, but that one was burnt but still good.

But that’s the point of foodgonewrong — mistakes are not disasters. They’re just part of cooking, and experimenting, and trying. And just about anything can be made palatable with gravy or ketchup. Or caramel sauce.

Today’s contribution comes from Jenny, who like me, celebrated Thanksgiving abroad. She and her husband made an American pie, but in a German oven. As you can tell, the edges got a bit… crisp.

But I would still totally eat that pie. And I’m betting you would too. It’s almost more beautiful for being ruined. You know that this pie was made at home, in a real home oven. The wrong oven, but you get the idea. It’s a pie made with love, and love sometimes comes burnt at the edges.

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Maple Bacon Frosting (with bacon bits)

Friends, it is almost Thanksgiving. A time for gratitude to the generous bounty that is America. A land of boundless inventiveness, where the human spirit leaps and soars, leaving behind the shackles of convention and what some might call “good taste.”

A land that gave us Maple Bacon frosting with bacon bits on top. Don’t believe me about the bacon bits?

bacon bits on maple bacon frosting

Oh ye of little faith.

And thank you, also, to Elan Justice Pavlinich for his fine work in the field.

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Momfail cookies

I love this entry from Noelle. It just speaks to my heart. A gal tries to do her bit for the school bake sale or whatever other event it is that requires free labour from women who have multiple college degrees and work for money, and this is what comes out.

That said, I’d probably still eat this.

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Chocolate doner kebab

If you’ve been to Berlin, you know that doner kebab is all the rage. It’s a bunch of meat on a stick, rotating and gradually roasting. You get little pieces carved off and served to you in bread. It’s sort of the original Food Gone Wrong — the meat itself is often sketchy, but the result is delicious.

But behold the innovation of which the human spirit is capable. Reader @steverozy offers this pic of a chocolate-vanilla kebab in Prenzlauer Berg. The chocolate is shaved off and then served in a crepe. Kind of makes you proud to live in such times.

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