This was on special at a restaurant in Berlin today. Look at the third menu item. Now look at the restaurant name. Can you tell why I’m worried?

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Princess Goldfish

I think if there’s one thing everyone agrees on, it’s that you can’t start teaching your children to identify with a narrow idea of gender early enough. Lord knows, if little girls were to eat the same crackers as little boys, they might get mixed up about all sorts of things. Thank goodness the folks at Pepperidge Farm have come up with Princess Goldfish crackers. Expect pink-themed “legal associate crackers,” “doctor of internal medicine crackers,” and “president crackers” in about fifty or sixty years.

Thanks to Mary Kate for the photo!

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“American” food has hit Germany. Supermarkets now have bland, nearly-pureed salsa, cheese-flavoured tortilla chips, and if you’re very lucky, hard little marshmallows. But now the Germans have taken American-Mexicanish food to the next level. They’ve gone and put it in a Ritter Sport.

My friend Kathleen let me know about this, and the first chance I got I bought one and tried it. “Tastes like popcorn,” my husband said.

If they ever do a Ritter Sport with simit in it, I will be in heaven.

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