Standing Risotto

Today’s contribution is from reader Basilios Kilzi, who was treated to this “top-dollar” risotto in a fancy Atlanta hotel. Kilzi writes, “This “risotto” was so evil it could stand on its side. It was placed under what I am sure was precooked, vacuum packed Osso Bucco. Charging $39 dollars was just like rubbing salt in the wound.”

On the other hand, he could have really saved on bowling ball rental.

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Flight of salts

This was in a Gasthof (hotel and restaurant) in southern Germany. For a couple Euros extra, you could have the steak served with a flight of flavoured salts. Estragon, lavender, chamomile, rose, fennel, choco-chilli… on steak. The steak was actually fantastic on its own, but the salt tasting suggests sometimes people should quash creativity. Namely, the chef’s.

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