Four-dollar Egg

I don’t know what’s the worst thing about this.

Is it the fact that they’ve boiled and peeled an egg, added some fixin’s, and gave it a 2700% markup?

Is it the over-the-top protein concentration for people who probably don’t need any more protein?

Is it the fact that a naturally-packaged product has been unpackaged and then repackaged with environment-killing plastic?

Or is it that I would probably buy this three times a week if I had ready access?


Thanks to Emily Coit for the photo!


Melted birthday cake

This is Charles’ birthday cake. This is how it looked when Charles first got it:

Hello Kitty cake

Charles thought he would be a good boy and save some of it for later.

Only he didn’t put it in the freezer. He put it in the fridge.

Happy birthday, Charles. You now have the post-nuclear Hello Kitty cake of your nightmares.

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