Tanning turkey

You know that psych-test image where you look at it one way, and it’s a young woman with a slender neck, and you look at it another way, and it’s an old hag? And it’s supposed to tell you if you’re disturbed?

Do I really need to say anything more here?

Thanks to Bridget Lucas (and her genius husband) for this horrifying, but memorable, festive treat. And happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Maple Bacon Frosting (with bacon bits)

Friends, it is almost Thanksgiving. A time for gratitude to the generous bounty that is America. A land of boundless inventiveness, where the human spirit leaps and soars, leaving behind the shackles of convention and what some might call “good taste.”

A land that gave us Maple Bacon frosting with bacon bits on top. Don’t believe me about the bacon bits?

bacon bits on maple bacon frosting

Oh ye of little faith.

And thank you, also, to Elan Justice Pavlinich for his fine work in the field.

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Frankenstein Pizza

Reader DC submits the following monstrosity, with this explanation:

“I created the attached being a little over two years ago when I was trying to finish off a ball of pizza dough I’d made from scratch. It wasn’t enough dough to toss. My pathetic attempts to stretch it into a recognizable and aesthetically appealing shape yielded this. It didn’t help that this dough and the ersatz toppings were the last bit of edible food we had before payday. In other words, we were starving, and I didn’t give a damn. As it so happened, our desperation coincided with Hallowe’en, so it served another purpose.”

What I love about it is that the olives have huddled together in the centre of the “pizza” in sheer terror of their deformed environs.

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