Parisian Tongue en Gelée

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that when most people think of Parisian tongue, this is not what they have in mind.


Thanks to Karen for taking this photo of a 1973 Chatelaine cookbook!



My facebook friend Karen sent me this photo, which I immediately found glorious. There is something so wrong-right about the precise arrangement of sausages and meatballs on the plate, perfect in their shiny blandness. Then I googled Accord Powder and found out it’s a blend of sodium tripolyphosphate and potassium polyphosphate.

Mmmm. Nothing like homemade.

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Jambon Persillé

This is an actual dish, and I am assured by the contributor that it indeed tasted good, although the aspic turned out a little too soft. But I can’t stop looking at it. It’s as if an online game — one of those things where you have to make little balls disappear or diamonds match up in rows — turned into a foodstuff. Ping! Ping! And all the pickles come down!

Many thanks to David of Barons Meats for this contribution!

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Tanning turkey

You know that psych-test image where you look at it one way, and it’s a young woman with a slender neck, and you look at it another way, and it’s an old hag? And it’s supposed to tell you if you’re disturbed?

Do I really need to say anything more here?

Thanks to Bridget Lucas (and her genius husband) for this horrifying, but memorable, festive treat. And happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Balmoral Burger

My friend Jordan is in Scotland and working up an appetite, I guess, because she ordered this beauty: a Balmoral Burger, which is what they call “chicken stuffed with haggis, blood sausage, and bacon” up there.

She would like the world to know that it isn’t a failure. Ah, dear Jordan, Food Gone Wrong isn’t only for failures. It is also quite welcoming to abominations.

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