Le Nan Kebab

Another treat from Paris, a city that seems to be fond of totally pointless fusions. Instead of pita or flatbread, why not have…. something between pita and flatbread? I call this Le Non Kebab.

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Death by Nutella

In the capital of France and the light of the world, you can spend two Euros and fifty cents on this gorgeous monster: a brioche muffin filled and topped with Nutella, and with some other sweet stuff stuck to it for good measure. If this spells the end of books claiming French women don’t get fat, I welcome it with open arms.

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Meat Chips

I never much thought about how weird BBQ chips are because I always thought of “BBQ” more as a sauce flavour than as a meat taste. French chip manufacturer Bret’s apparently read that totally differently. They’re thinking about the meat. And I guess they want their customers to have a full international meat selection in chip form: chorizo, barbecue, kebab, and bolognaise. Their website features roast chicken chips too. Next time someone tries to sell you a story about French people only ever buying fresh vegetables in quaint markets and preparing them in natural, fresh home-cooked meals, just ask them if kebab-flavoured potato chips are the reason why French women don’t get fat.

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